• Exam-Comprehensive
    • Price: $65.00
    • QTY: 1
  • Pro Pectalin Tabs
    • Price: $25.33
    • QTY: 14
  • FortiFlora SA Canine
    • Price: $35.00
    • QTY: 1 box
  • Canine i/d Low Fat Rice, Veg, and Chicken Stew Can
    • Price: $$22.16
    • QTY: 4 cans
  • Exam - Comprehensive: $65.00 (1)

    Purpose: To check on the overall condition of the patient and identify any underlying issues.

  • Pro Pectalin Tabs: $25.33 (14)

    Purpose: To treat loose stool and aid in stabilizing the digestive system.

  • FortiFlora SA Canine: $35.00 (1 box)

    Purpose: A probiotic to help relax and support the gastrointestinal system.

  • Canine i/d Low Fat Rice, Veg, and Chicken Stew Can: $22.16 (4 cans)

    Purpose: Sensitive stomach food to support the dog's digestive health over the next few days.

    Total Cost: $155.74
  • Authorization for Treatment:

    I authorize Birmingham Animal Hospital + Resort to initiate treatment for my dog, for stress-related diarrhea and inappetence as described in the treatment package above. I understand that the total cost for this treatment is $155.74. I acknowledge that while Birmingham Animal Hospital + Resort will make every effort to contact me concerning my dog's condition, this authorization allows them to begin necessary treatment immediately to ensure the well-being of my dog while waiting for my response.
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