Whether you live with a loyal dog or a silly cat, you’d know that a part of being a responsible pet owner means ensuring your furbaby’s health. This good habit can help improve their quality of life and create more cherished memories with them. It also helps them live longer and happier in your home. 

While feeding them the right food and regularly exercising with your pet are essential, these things alone are not enough. Therefore, you should always bring your pet to a professional veterinarian for a yearly wellness exam. This reliable healthcare provider can help detect diseases early, vaccinate your pet, and provide preventive medication. 

If you want to maximize your appointment with your veterinarian, this article will enumerate the nine things to bring during your upcoming visit. 

1. Current Identification

Bringing current identification and relevant medical information for your pet is essential when visiting the veterinarian. It allows the veterinary staff to verify ownership and contact information and provide better treatment for your pet. You should also update your pet’s microchip and tags if they get lost. 

2. Veterinary Medical Records 

Besides bringing proof of identification of pet ownership, you must always have your furbaby’s medical records at their veterinary appointment. These documents will help their doctor make informed decisions about their care, especially if they have chronic medical conditions or previous adverse reactions to treatments. They can also help track your pet’s progress over time.

3. Pet Medications

Bringing all of your pet’s medications, including vitamins, supplements, and flea medication, to their veterinary visit is essential because it allows the veterinarian to review and assess their current medication regimen and ensure appropriate dosages and frequency. It also helps the staff identify potential interactions or side effects and provide instructions for administering each medication correctly.

4. Stool Sample 

Pet owners must provide their veterinarians with stool samples for parasite testing once or twice a year, and they consider samples collected within 24 hours valid. Taking examples from the litter boxes is okay if you live with multiple cats. 

5. Urine Sample 

If you have a scheduled appointment for your pet’s urinary issue, collect a urine sample for testing using a free collection kit or a clean container. Refrigerate it until the visit, and gather just before or bring it to your veterinarian right after collection. For cat owners, use urine collection kits with non-absorbent litter.

6. Your Pet’s Favorite Food and Treats 

Visiting the vet can cause anxiety, even for friendly dogs. We don’t recommend feeding dogs or cats before appointments because the doctor can give them their favorite treats to calm them down. However, you should never fast your furbabies, especially if they’re senior pets or have medical conditions like diabetes, because this can harm them and cause their blood pressure to drop. 

7. The Food You Feed Your Furbaby 

Bringing a list or pictures of your pet’s food to their veterinary visit is essential for assessing their nutrition, identifying potential food allergies or sensitivities, and ensuring a balanced diet. It also helps you avoid harmful foods and address portion control issues and inappropriate feeding habits. 

8. Evidence of Your Pet’s Medical Issue 

Providing videos or pictures of your pet’s symptoms can be helpful during a veterinary visit to diagnose their condition accurately. You can also keep a written log of symptoms and behaviors. 

9. Questions to Ask Your Veterinarian

Before your vet visit, writing down questions can ensure you address all your concerns and get all the needed information to make informed decisions about your pet’s care. Be specific and consider asking about your pet’s diet, lifestyle changes, check-ups and vaccinations, warning signs for particular conditions, and emergency procedures.


No pet wants to go to the vet, but it’s necessary for preventive care and healthy living. You can maximize your incoming visit by bringing all the essentials and asking your veterinarian the right questions.  

If you need a professional veterinarian in Birmingham, AL, to help address your pet’s health issues or for your annual appointments, visit Birmingham Animal Hospital + Resort! Our caring and expert team is ready to provide quality services to ensure your pet stays happy and healthy. Book an appointment now!

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