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Pet Boarding Birmingham, AL

As a pet parent, you might feel sad leaving your furry friend behind when you leave for vacation. What if you could book your pet a stay at a comfy, cozy pet hotel?

The good news is: You can!

If you’re searching for pet boarding in Birmingham, AL, look no further than Birmingham Animal Hospital + Resort. We provide quality and compassionate care for your pet so you can focus on enjoying your trip.

What Is Pet Boarding?

Pet boarding is like a hotel for animals. When you need a place for your pet to stay, you might search “cat boarding near me” or “dog boarding near me.” Your pet will stay in a comfortable kennel and have plenty of time to play and socialize with other pets.

Quality Pet Boarding in Birmingham, AL

If you’re looking for family pet boarding in Birmingham, AL, our team at Birmingham Animal Hospital + Resort provides a variety of options:

  • Individual kennels: Individual kennels give your pet space and privacy and are the most affordable and popular option.
  • Small dog condos: These condos provide more space than individual kennels and even more privacy.
  • Suites: This option is great for sick dogs or those with special needs. Each suite has its own play area, bathroom, and sleeping area.
  • Grooming: We give your pet a bath with gentle shampoo, haircut, nail trim, and ear cleaning.
  • Playtime: We offer playtime for every pet. We tailor the activity to each pet’s needs and have our most experienced team members supervise the groups.

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The Benefits of Boarding Your Pet With Birmingham Animal Hospital + Resort

Consider boarding your pet with Birmingham Animal Hospital + Resort:

  • Our experienced staff is passionate about pets. Your dog or cat will be in good hands with us!
  • We keep our facility clean and comfortable so your pet feels safe.
  • Your pet receives the highest level of care and socialization to stay happy while you’re gone.

How Much Does Pet Boarding Cost?

If you’re searching “Low-cost dog boarding near me,” you can end your search for pet boarding in Birmingham, AL. Check out our pricing page for our affordable¬†pet boarding rates. Request an appointment online or call 205.719.2907 to book a comfortable stay for your pet.