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If you’re searching for pet daycare in Birmingham, AL, for your furry friend, look no further! Birmingham Animal Hospital + Resort offers comfortable and high-quality care for all pets.

What Is Pet Daycare?

Pet daycare is a way for pet owners to obtain quality care, training, and socialization for their pets. At our pet care and overnight facility, our staff makes your pet feel comfortable, safe, and cared for.

Types of Pet Daycare

You can book pet daycare for any duration and add on services like:

  • Grooming
  • Individual or group play
  • Training, enrichment, and socialization

Day and Overnight Services

If you’re searching, for “drop-in dog daycare near me,” you can drop them off with us for just a couple of hours or for the entire day. You can board them overnight or for a week or longer if you’ll be out of town.

Birmingham Pet Boarding Options

Long-term dog boarding is great for vacations. Your pet can stay in an individual kennel or suite. Purchase play time and grooming to make sure your pet stays as happy as possible while you’re gone.

Discover the Convenience of Pet Daycare

What do pet owners love about our daycare services?

  • Your furry friend will receive better care than they would with a dog sitter, thanks to our experienced team of pet lovers.
  • Pet boarding is often cheaper than paying to take them with you, especially if you’re flying.
  • You’ll know your pet is having a blast with other pets, playing and socializing until pickup time.

Pets Love Spending the Day at Our Facility

You won’t have to worry about your pet feeling lonely! With our pet daycare in Birmingham, your pet:

  • Receives individualized care
  • Has their own space and stay comfortable
  • Can interact with new people and animals if you want them to

Why Choose Birmingham Animal Hospital + Resort?

Why is Birmingham Animal Hospital + Resort the best choice for your pet?

Preparing for Daycare

To prepare for daycare in Birmingham, AL, confirm they have all the right vaccinations. Know your pet’s personality and needs so you can choose the best boarding and socialization options for them.

Choosing the Right Pet Daycare

Choose a local daycare that offers a wide range of services and maintains an expert staff. At Birmingham Animal Hospital + Resort, we love your pet almost as much as you do!

What Pets Use Daycare?

Daycare is appropriate for dogs and cats. If you have an exotic pet, reach out to us to determine if we can care for them.

How To Start Daycare

Are you interested in daycare for your pet? Follow these steps to get started.

Visit Our Pet Resort

Visit our facility in Birmingham to see the quality and meet the staff.

Decide What Services

Determine how long you want your pet to stay and what kind of room they need. Decide whether you want extra services like play time and grooming.

Pack Belongings

While we provide blankets, we encourage you to bring an item from home so your pet feels a connection to you while you’re away.

How Much Is Doggy Daycare?

How much does doggy daycare cost? Visit our price page to find out. When you’re ready for daycare in Birmingham, AL, call Birmingham Animal Hospital + Resort at 205.406.6710 .