Even if you usually rely on dog-sitting arrangements to care for your dog while you’re away, you may require dog lodging services during your absence. Because some dog boarding needs can arise unexpectedly, you must familiarize yourself with your options. Ensure that your dog is ready to be boarded, even if you do not have any imminent travel plans that require boarding. 

To help you out, here are some preparations you should consider when you’re boarding your dog:

Ensure Up-to-Date Vaccinations

Numerous canine boarding facilities require that dogs have current vaccinations. You can exert much effort, but it is for protecting your dog and the other dogs at the facility. You do not want your dog to become ill while you are abroad, nor do you want any other dog to become sick.

Plan an appointment with your dog’s veterinarian at least two weeks before the lodging date to avoid this. Consult your doctor about updating your puppy’s vaccinations and addressing any concerns you may have about leaving your dog behind.

Before leaving the office, make copies of your dog’s records to demonstrate to the boarding facility that they are on vaccinations. 

Keep Your Dogs Comfortable

Whatever creature amenities your selected boarding facility offers, nothing beats the comfort of home. Bring a standard mat for your dog to sleep on to make them feel more secure. If you ask beforehand, the facility may allow you to bring your dog’s bed.

Is there a favorite toy for your dog? If so, please bring it as well! While you are gone, any small reminders of a home might make your dog feel less nervous and more at ease.

Train Them To Socialize

Before the boarding date, you should pursue socialization training for your dog if he is not accustomed to being around many other dogs. This training will familiarize your canine with other dogs, making the transition to boarding much more accessible. 

This helps them to remain calm and relaxed even when they are away from their owners and in unfamiliar surroundings. Socialization training typically involves exposing dogs to various situations, such as meeting new people and other dogs, encountering different sights and sounds, and exploring different environments.

List Specific Feeding Instructions

Many dogs have specific dietary needs and feeding schedules that must be followed for their health and well-being. By providing detailed feeding instructions to the boarding facility, you can ensure that your dog receives the right food, in quantity, at the right time. 

This helps to prevent any digestive problems or other health issues that may arise due to an improper diet or feeding schedule. It is essential to inform the boarding staff of any special dietary requirements or restrictions that your dog may have, such as food allergies or sensitivities, so that they can be accommodated. 

Adjust Their Sleeping Habits

Dogs thrive on routine, and sudden changes to their sleeping schedule can cause them stress and anxiety. It is essential to gradually adjust your dog’s sleeping habits to align with the boarding facility’s schedule before dropping them off. 

This means gradually shifting their bedtime and waking time earlier or later, depending on the facility’s schedule. This can help prevent any disruptions to their sleep, which can affect their overall health and well-being. 


Preparing your dog for boarding is essential to responsible pet ownership, whether you have immediate travel plans. By taking these measures, you can ensure that your furry friend is comfortable, safe, and well-cared for during their stay at the boarding facility.

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