Leaving our pets in someone else’s care can be a daunting experience, especially when we have to be away from home for an extended period. Every pet owner wants to ensure their furry companion’s well-being, safety, and comfort during this time, which is why selecting an exceptional boarding facility is essential. Birmingham Animal Hospital + Resort is committed to providing top-notch boarding services for pets in the greater Birmingham, AL metro area. Our modern, comfortable facility is staffed by caring and compassionate professionals whom you can trust to look after your beloved pets while you are away.

Preparing your pets for boarding is crucial for a stress-free experience – both for you and your pets. Ensuring a smooth transition to their temporary home allows your pets to enjoy their stay, placing your mind at ease during your time apart. Proper planning and some crucial steps in the days leading up to your pet’s boarding can contribute significantly to a successful boarding experience for both you and your pets.

In this article, we will discuss the best practices and expert tips on preparing your pets for boarding, from selecting the right facility to introducing new routines and environments. With thorough preparation, you and your pets can feel confident and at ease during your temporary separation. Trust the knowledgeable staff at Birmingham Animal Hospital + Resort to provide a nurturing and caring environment, focusing on the well-being and comfort of your pet family members during their stay.

Selecting the Right Boarding Facility

The success of your pet’s boarding experience starts with selecting the right facility. Keep the following factors in mind when making your decision:

1. Reputation and Recommendations

Ask for recommendations from friends, family, and your veterinarian. This can help narrow down your search to facilities that have a proven track record of exceptional care and customer satisfaction.

2. Tour the Facility

Before booking your pet’s stay, tour the boarding facility to assess cleanliness, space, and overall atmosphere. This will allow you to gauge whether the environment is suitable and comfortable for your pet.

3. Staff Qualifications and Experience

Inquire about the staff’s qualifications and experience, ensuring that they are trained in animal care and knowledgeable about pet safety, behavior, and health.

4. Health and Safety Policies

A reputable boarding facility will prioritize your pet’s health and safety. Learn about the facility’s vaccination requirements, emergency veterinary care procedures, and their policy on administering medications or addressing special dietary needs.

Preparing Your Pets Emotionally and Physically

A successful boarding experience depends on your pet’s emotional and physical well-being. Here’s how you can help your pets adjust to their new environment:

1. Familiarize Your Pet with the Boarding Environment

Before the boarding stay, book a short daycare visit or a visitation appointment to help your pet become familiar with the facility. This exposure can minimize anxiety and stress during the actual boarding experience.

2. Socialization and Behavioral Training

If your pet will be interacting with other animals during their stay, ensure they are well-socialized in advance. This will contribute to a more enjoyable stay and minimize stress for your pet and the boarding staff.

3. Health Check-Up

Schedule a visit to your veterinarian before boarding to ensure your pet is up-to-date on all necessary vaccinations and preventive treatments. Discuss any ongoing health issues with your veterinarian, and make sure the boarding staff is aware of these needs.

Packing Essentials for Your Pet’s Stay

Packing all the essential items for your pet’s stay is key to ensuring their boarding experience is as comfortable as possible. Here are some items to include in your pet’s boarding kit:

1. Food and Dietary Requirements

Pack enough of your pet’s usual food for the entire stay, and consider including additional portions in case of potential delays. Clearly label the food container or bag with your pet’s name, feeding instructions, and any specific dietary needs.

2. Medication and Medical Records

Provide the boarding facility with your pet’s medication, along with a detailed schedule and instructions for administering it. Additionally, give the staff a copy of your pet’s medical records, including their vaccination history.

3. Comfort Items

Include items from home to help ease your pet’s anxiety and make their stay more comfortable. Possibilities include a favorite toy, blanket, or bed that carries your pet’s scent and reminds them of home.

4. Identification and Contact Information

Ensure your pet is wearing a securely fastened collar with ID tags containing your contact information. Provide the boarding facility with your emergency contact information, as well as your veterinarian’s contact details.

Post-Boarding Transition and Follow-Up

Returning home from boarding can be an adjustment for both you and your pet. Here’s how you can help ease this transition:

1. Establish Familiar Routines

Once your pet returns home, help them readjust by resuming their regular feeding, walking, and play schedules. Familiar routines can provide comfort and stability during this period of transition.

2. Offer Quality Time and Affection

Spend quality time with your pet upon returning home to rebuild your bond and alleviate any lingering anxiety from the boarding experience.

3. Monitor Your Pet’s Health and Behavior

Keep an eye on your pet’s behavior, appetite, and overall health in the days following their return home. If you notice any unusual symptoms or behavioral changes, consult your veterinarian for guidance.


Proper preparation plays a significant role in ensuring a smooth, stress-free boarding experience for your pets. By following these expert tips and entrusting your pets to a reputable pet boarding facility like Birmingham Animal Hospital + Resort, you can enjoy peace of mind when traveling or attending to other commitments, knowing your pets are receiving top-notch care in a comfortable and safe environment. The dedicated and compassionate team at Birmingham Animal Hospital + Resort is committed to providing exceptional care and comfort to your furry family members when you’re away, ensuring a seamless and stress-free boarding experience for all.

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