Whether taking some time off of school or work, vacations are a time to relax, enjoy, and embark on an adventure. This well-deserved break can help you escape your daily routines and explore new places. It also allows you to create cherished memories with loved ones. 

However, before you leave, you must know who will watch over your beloved pet. While there’s nothing wrong with letting a trusted loved one watch over your pet, it may not be ideal during emergencies. Therefore, you should find an experienced veterinarian and bring them to an animal hospital. 

If you want your four-legged child to stay safe and healthy while you’re away, this article will enumerate five reasons to board your pet at a veterinary hospital. 

1. Medical Emergencies 

Being a responsible pet owner means meeting your furry friend’s needs. It means giving them the right food, adequate water, and high-quality vitamins to ensure they stay happy and healthy. Unfortunately, no matter how much you protect and care for them, they can sometimes get into unpleasant medical emergencies. And you wouldn’t want to leave your getaway early because of an ill or dying pet. You can ensure they get the proper emergency care by entrusting them to a professional veterinarian. 

These experts usually have a trustworthy pet boarding facility that can handle medical emergencies and monitor them closely. They can also help save your furry friend’s life by immediately diagnosing and treating life-threatening illnesses like gastric torsion. 

2. Medication

If your pet requires medication while you’re away, you must ensure that the person caring for them knows how to administer the correct doses at the right time. Professional veterinarians at animal boarding can handle and distribute prescription medications and will notify on-site doctors if something goes wrong. 

A reputable facility can also have an in-house pharmacy stocked and ready to refill prescriptions your pet may need, especially during extended boarding stays.

3. Commitment to Animal Care 

While cuddling puppies at work may seem enjoyable, caring for other people’s pets can be challenging and unpleasant. It means cleaning animal waste, handling misbehaving pets, and being dragged around by a large dog. Therefore, if you need somebody to care for your pet while you are away, you must find someone who loves your fur baby as much as you do. 

Fortunately, skilled veterinarians at animal hospitals and resorts differ. Besides being animal lovers, they dedicated their lives to improving the lives of all creatures they meet. Also, most Pre-Vet students view working with animals as a calling instead of a mere job. 

4. Trust 

When leaving your pet with someone while you’re away, you must find someone you trust completely. All the fancy boarding facilities or amenities will mean nothing if you don’t trust the person caring for your four-legged baby. If you already trust your veterinarians to provide medical care, leave them to those who handle all other aspects of their well-being. 

A reputable facility is committed to helping your pet stay happy and healthy. They may also offer boarding services to ensure their safety and well-being, even when you’re out of town. 

5. Convenience

Traveling can be a fantastic time to escape the hectic city, but preparing for it can be stressful, especially if you have a pet. Nobody wants to forget something essential for your furry friend when you check them in for boarding. 

Fortunately, you don’t need to worry about their well-being when you board them with your veterinarian. From their vaccinations to their food, they can handle all your pet’s needs, including boarding!


Your pet deserves quality care, even when you’re away for a vacation. You can ensure your four-legged companion’s well-being by entrusting a professional veterinarian to look after them. 

If you need an experienced veterinarian in Birmingham, Alabama, to watch over your pet while you’re away, bring them to Birmingham Animal Hospital + Resort! Our compassionate staff offers high-quality care and boarding to keep your pet safe and healthy. Schedule an appointment now!

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